• Evolution Solar : We don’t want to melt the polar, so we should all use solar!
  • Evolution Solar : Solar Energy – Today’s resource for a brighter tomorrow!
  • Evolution Solar : Be bright. turn to solar power
  • Evolution Solar : Solar Power: The best things in life are free
  • Evolution Solar : Our Sun, the bright alternative to use solar power.

About Us

Evolution Group is a group of environmentally conscious, Best-Of –Breed companies dedicated to providing a complete solution for energy efficient living and working space that is fully or partially powered by free renewable energy.

The group members came to the realization that the solution to better environmentally responsible and affordable living is through a comprehensive program that incorporates various available technologies and products into the design and construction of new facilities. We achieve optimal goals by using Smart, efficient designs, energy star appliances, renewable energy installation and control systems that ensure the most efficient way to operate the integrated systems by continuously monitoring and adjusting components settings.

Our corporate mission is to make the world a better place to live in at the same time preserve the environment for many generations to come. We accomplish our mission by total elimination of all inefficiencies and by making solar energy affordable for the grassroots level consumer by tightly securing, owning and managing the supply chain, thus accumulating cost savings to pass on to our customers.

Evolution Group, headquartered in California, USA, is a vertically integrated, end-to-end alternate energy services provider. Though our subsidiaries, we provide commercial and residential home designs that utilize Smart Energy components and appliances that are powered by clean, renewable solar energy at an affordable pricing and controlled by intelligent controller for interference free operation.

As a solar energy services group we:

  • Design Solar systems for commercial, residential and governmental applications
  • Manufacture solar modules
  • Distribute and install these modules
  • Generate solar power
  • Provide long-term service and maintenance.

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