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Solartec’s S60MC is a 240-watt monocrystalline AC module that converts DC power from each solar module to grid-compliant AC power. The S60MC features a SolarBridge Pantheon microinverter that is factory-installed on the back of the module. The integrated assembly is backed by a single 25-year warranty. Solartec plans to begin shipping S60MC modules later this quarter.

Roof-readyTM AC modules powered by SolarBridge reduce field installation time by 20 percent and deliver up to 25 percent more energy harvest over central inverter-based systems. Integrated AC modules provide the lowest installed cost for rooftop solar, a powerful incentive for the burgeoning solar market in Mexico. Solartec’s S60MC is also certified by Mexico’s FIDE (Fideicomiso Para El Ahorro De Energia Electrica) as an energy-efficient product, qualifying system owners for additional rebates.

Leading 238W AC Power Output:
  • 238W AC power output
  • Up to 25% more energy than central inverters
  • Reduces shading, clouds, and multi-roof issues

Lowest Cost Plug-and-Play AC System:
  • Quick and simple design, installation and management
  • Module-to-module connections required 30% less time
  • No requirement on DC wiring

Module-Level Performance Monitoring:
  • Each AC module is monitored independently
  • Module communications over AC wiring
  • Power Portal available on mobile devices

Industry Leading Module and Inverter Warranty:
  • 25-year linear power warranty on DC output
  • 10-year product warranty on workmanship
  • 25-year microinverter warranty on AC output

Eliminates High Voltage DC:
  • No DC cables or exposed DC wiring
  • Avoids high-voltage arching issues and reduces fire risk
  • Only AC wiring, safer for installation
Monitoring of System Performance
The max power output (W) and electricity production (kWh) of the AC module is displayed on a web-based portal that allows installers and users to monitor operation of the solar system at the module-level. The system information is presented in a user-friendly dashboard (shown below) and is available on a mobile device application.

Eoplly System Solutions
Eoplly offers the complete rooftop kits that can be delivered directly to the job site. The kit includes all necessary components such as AC module, isolator, DC/AC cabling, racking, and power meter.
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