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Solar Module DC & AC

SolarBridge Technologies has changed the game for solar module manufacturers and installers with its innovative, revenue-enhancing solution that makes solar more cost-efficient, more reliable and easier to install than ever before.

The SolarBridge AC Module System enables virtually any homeowner or business to go solar. The SolarBridge PantheonTM microinverter — a small energy conversion device mounted on the back of each solar module — makes it possible. Preinstalled as part of an AC module, the SolarBridge Pantheon features a highly reliable design, patented architecture and the longest standard warranty in the industry.

Completing the SolarBridge AC Module System is the SolarBridge Management System – featuring 24/7 module-level monitoring and a web-based management system.
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The SolarBridge AC Module System enables system installers to design systems with more flexibility. Clouds, multiple roof faces, shade from trees or roof obstructions are no longer an issue because each AC module operates independently to produce maximum energy.

Simplify Installation :
With AC modules powered by SolarBridge, there is no need to install either a central inverter or numerous detached microinverters to the racking system. The SolarBridge-enabled system is truly plug-and-play.

Reduce Installation and Maintenance Costs :
Installing AC modules cuts installation time by up to 50 percent compared with detached microinverter solutions. Unlike central and string inverters, which typically must be replaced every 10 years, SolarBridge microinverters come with a standard 25-year warranty, enabling an end-to-end 25-year performance guarantee on complete AC modules, directly reducing overall system costs for your customers.

Improve Safety :
There are no DC cables to install and no exposed DC wires on the roof in a SolarBridge system, significantly improving safety over DC systems. AC module systems are inherently safer to handle and do not have the same potential for arc faults as DC-based systems.
Differentiate Your Products :
With SolarBridge, module manufacturers can now offer customers plug-and-play AC modules with integrated microinverter technology, and a comprehensive, private-labeled monitoring and management system.

Grow Your Margins :
The SolarBridge system gives module companies the ability to participate in another piece of the solar value chain – power conversion – further expanding their market.

Ensure Reliability :
Designed for reliability, SolarBridge Pantheon microinverters match or exceed the lifetime of the solar modules they’re built on – and are backed by a full 25-year warranty.

Solar Bridge Solutions

Green Home Design
A. Pantheon II Microinverter
SolarBridge microinverters perform the same DC to AC conversion and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function as a central inverter, but at the module level, generating up to 25 percent more energy than central inverter-based systems. AC modules powered by SolarBridge also significantly reduce installation cost and complexity.
B. SolarBridge Power Manager
The SolarBridge Power Manager serves as the communications hub of the solar array, and constantly monitors the performance of every module. The Power Manager can either be hard-wired directly into the service panel fed by the modules or plugged into a standard wall outlet. All communications take place with the AC modules over AC wiring — no additional data cabling or wireless repeaters are required. The SolarBridge Power Manager communicates directly with the SolarBridge Power Portal, providing system owners, solar installers and module manufacturers with up-to-the-minute insight into system performance and detailed analytics to facilitate troubleshooting.

C. SolarBridge Power Portal
The SolarBridge Power Portal is a Webbased management system that enables system owners, installers and module manufacturers to monitor system performance 24/7. The Power Portal’s rich graphical interface is available through internet-connected computers and mobile devices. The open architecture of the Power Portal also permits rapid integration with additional devices and systems using industry-standard web services and methods.

Unlike other PV systems, which capture only aggregate, system-level data at best, the SolarBridge Power Portal monitors and manages the real-time operating performance of every AC module. System owners and operators are instantly alerted to potential problems, preventing costly downtime and reducing troubleshooting time and maintenance costs.

25 Years. Guaranteed.
SolarBridge designs its microinverters from the ground up with reliability in mind. There are no failure-prone components such as electrolytic capacitors, optoisolators or tantalum capacitors in any SolarBridge product. Our patented architecture requires a fraction of the capacitance of traditional inverter architectures, enabling the use of highly reliable film capacitors. Our innovative approach to thermal management keeps the Pantheon running at lower steady state temperatures, further enhancing reliability. SolarBridge microinverters undergo rigorous testing – exceeding standard certification requirements to ensure our microinverters can withstand the harsh conditions experienced in a rooftop PV application.

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