• Evolution Solar : We don’t want to melt the polar, so we should all use solar!
  • Evolution Solar : Solar Energy – Today’s resource for a brighter tomorrow!
  • Evolution Solar : Be bright. turn to solar power
  • Evolution Solar : Solar Power: The best things in life are free
  • Evolution Solar : Our Sun, the bright alternative to use solar power.

Solar Overview

Evolution Group mission is to increase energy efficiency and provide a full service clean energy alternative to residential customers and small and medium businesses, as well as large commercial, industrial and agricultural enterprises.

To accomplish this mission, we have assembled a consortium of companies to be able to product a holistic services range from sustainable and modern architectural designs, LEED Audits, renewable energy system designs and installations and complete residential and commercial project development and implementation. We run our business with intelligent application of best processes in supply chain management and latest techniques in installation, monitoring and maintenance of Solar power systems.

Our primary goal is to encourage the use of clean renewable energy, especially the Suns clean abundant solar energy, to reduce the negative environmental effects that our current energy systems have created.

Evolution Group applies a comprehensive approach that encompasses all components of true energy management with our Turn-Key solution and service approach, a long term, systematic approach to achieving aggressive energy savings in new and existing residential and commercial buildings. We work to ensure total energy demand is used to optimize business and personal goals and operating excellence. We provide a process for integrated solutions that offer accountability and transparency needed for peak performance and total solutions for energy performance. The first major benefit of combining energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies is the opportunity to reduce the upfront cost of a renewable energy system. Using a whole systems approach, a property owner first minimizes energy loads and then maximizes equipment efficiencies. Taking these steps reduces energy needs and allows the property owner to generate a greater portion of the building’s power with the new renewable energy systems.

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