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Solar Thermal Water Heating

GenPro Energy Solutions specializes in solar thermal collectors for water heating by Solar Skies Manufacturing. Solar Skies Solar Thermal Collectors are designed for performance and durability. At every juncture in the manufacturing process, the highest grade components are used to ensure that your collector not only performs, but endures both time and the extreme conditions to which collectors are exposed.

Solar Skies

Solar Skies Manufacturing produces a full line of solar thermal collectors, mounting systems, and a host of options made available in order to meet the demands of each customer’s needs. The popular SS Series solar collectors are designed to provide an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly renewable energy resource that is SRCC OG100 certified. The Solar Skies solar collectors are the answer to fulfilling the hot water needs for both residential and commercial applications such as hotels/resorts, schools/colleges, hospitals or healthcare facilities, laundromats, water parks, manufacturing, and multi-family dwellings, just to mention a few.

Collector Features:

All Copper Absorber – Our fin, tube and header are 100% copper, eliminating the concerns of dissimilar metals with different expansion and contraction rates or galvanic corrosion issues which can shorten collector life and performance. Our parallel flow allows our collectors to be utilized in both drain back and pressurized installation.

Fin Tube Welding – Our fin tubes are joined using Thermafin’s high frequency forge weld process that utilizes no foreign materials in the weld process and allows for a true, seamless copper to copper connection which maintains the cross sectional area of the weld joint for maximum heat transfer performance. This fin tube weld joint has a 30 year guarantee.

Selective Surfacing – Our absorber fins are coated with “Crystal Clear” selective surface coating. This high performance coating utilizes a single-phase nanocrystalline technology encapsulated with a permanent protective glass layer serving multiple functions, including anti-reflection, anti-corrosion, and durability.

Absorber Pressure Testing – Every Solar Skies’ absorber is factory pressure tested to 350 PSI, the highest in the industry.

Insulation – Solar Skies uses only Dow Themax, a flame rated polyisosyuranate insulation manufactured using a free rise process that allows potential elements that cause outgassing to escape during the production process, ensuring haze free glass and unobstructed solar performance for years to come.

Corner Brackets - Architectural aluminum angles inside with special pin grip rivets insure high stability. An additional corner seal produces with water tightness.

Glass Gasket - A UV durable EPDM channel with molded corners assures long life and avoids all water penetration.

Aluminum Extruded Batten - No silicon is used! Ribbed aluminum extrusions and a smooth compressed EPDM gasket provide water tightness. This allows easy access to the collector for repair or maintenance at any time or location.

Low-Iron Tempered Glass - Exclusively using the new “High-T” tempered glass with an iron oxide content of less than 1% and total solar energy transmission of greater than 91%.

"Quick Lock" Mounting Frame - The variable Quick Lock mounting hardware reduces mounting time and makes it simple for anyone to install. The Quick Lock System allows the highest flexibility in ounting and is tested to wind load conditions of 181 mph. Mounting possibilities include: Pitched-roof, Flatroof, Ground, Balcony, and Facade mounting.

Aluminum Frame and Lightweight Construction - This facilitates long life and strength. The frame is electrostatically painted in an attractive medium bronze color.

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