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Packaged Systems

"Energy Made Simple"

GenPro Energy Solutions offers complete, turn-key systems for grid-tie, grid-interactive and off-grid applications, as well as custom solutions designed by trained and certified experts. Each renewable energy system is designed with the highest quality components to ensure you receive many trouble free years of operation. Ensure your system is designed properly for your needs - let us be your alternative energy experts!


Residential or commercial Grid-Tie systems are when the home (or office, etc.) is connected to power from the grid provided by a utility company. When integrating solar or wind "alternative" energy systems to a grid-tied home you are reducing reliance on the grid, thus consuming less energy and reducing your bill (measured in kilowatt-hours - kWh). When your solar or wind power generation is greater than your power consumption, your meter will actually turn backwards, meaning that one could in fact bring the utility bill to zero (excepting use fees, etc.). In locations where Net Metering is available, utility companies may instead pay you for the power you are generating and feeding back to the grid.


A Grid-Interactive system is in most ways the same as a Grid-Tie system, except employing automatic switching between sources. When your power useage exceeds what is being produced by your solar or wind energy generator, the system will automatically switch to grid power. When your energy consumption is less than your energy generation, it switches the grid connection off. Grid interactive systems often also incorporate battery banks for energy storage. More details coming soon...


Being Off-Grid simply means having no connection to the grid and relying entirely on your own solar or wind generated energy. Off-Grid systems are more likely to employ a hybrid of solar and wind power combined, plus a battery bank for energy storage. Off-Grid is often used in locations where access to the grid is difficult, expensive, or even impossible. This method is also commonplace for those who seek energy independence and self-sustaining living.

Deployable Systems

GenPro provides custom-made deployable solar systems that you can't find anywhere else. Our mobile systems make it possible to utilize solar power virtually anywhere. We manufacture compact stand-alone solar arrays as well as systems complete with inverter and battery power.

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